We provide a full range of freight transportation and handling services at the Chop station (Ukraine), which is a transport hub with Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and a transport corridor to all locations around the world. At present, our company provides free services for the transportation of humanitarian aid. “Agroenergoinvest” - is a multidisciplinary company and has specialists with over 25 years of experience, which provides a high level of services in the field of logistics and agricultural trading.

Provides reloading of various cargoes from wide track covered wagons to European track wagons and vice versa more than 50 wagons per day.

Reloading from trucks to wagons and back is possible.

The total area of ​​the covered reloading complex is over 12,000 square meters.

There are 2 pairs of narrow (European) and 2 pairs of wide tracks equipped with two loading ramps, 480 m long.

Simultaneous placement of 60 narrow tracks wagons (European) and 60 wide track wagons is possible.

Possible option for short-term storage of goods.
Provides reloading of goods from wide track gondola cars to European and vice versa more than 50 wagons per day.

Relocation of 20 and 40-foot containers from wide track platforms to European platforms and vice versa more than 100 containers per day.

Transfer of different loads from auto transport to wagons and vice versa is possible. 

A plot with a total area of ​​10,000 square meters.

The technical equipment of the site includes 4 gantry cranes of different capacities, which allow reloading loads weighing up to 50 tons.

Specialized traverses allow to reload long oversized cargoes.

Via clamshell bucket, reloading of bulk materials (crushed stone, sand, ores, etc.) is done, which are transported in gondola cars.

Provides grain, meal, malt, corn, soybeans and other grain cargoes reloading, which are transported in bulk in grain wagons more than 50 wagons per day.

The plot of more than 12,000 square meters.

The technical equipment of the site includes 3 special units with pneumatic reloaders.

The reloading section is equipped with two, 150-ton electronic, wagon scales on the European track and on the wide track.
Provides reloading of vegetable oils transported in bulk in tank wagons on a wide track to wagons on a European track and vice versa more than 30 tanks per day.

Replacement of wheel sets on the tanks of the wide track to the tanks of the European tracks and vice versa with an average of 40 tanks per day.
“Business needs fast and reliable information to make the right decisions. We are the ones who know the answers "
Agroenergoinvest is a multifunctional company that provides a wide range of services to our clients. Through established connections and high-quality experience, we strive for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our goal is to meet all the needs of our customers.

Activities of Agroenergoinvest:
  • Logistics hub "CHOP"
  • Commodity trade and logistics services. Agroenergoinvest is a reliable seller of goods from Ukraine and to Ukraine, EU countries and the world.
  • Handling of various loads by all types of rolling stock.
  • FOB / CIF commodity trading and a trading broker.
  • Freight brokerage. Having long-term relationships with shipowners, and knowing sellers and buyers at destinations, Agroenergoinvest provides qualified logistics services.
  • Investment activity
  • Business consulting
  • Overloading of goods from the wide track (1520 mm) to the European track (1435 mm) and vice versa.
  • Reloading and unloading of goods on auto transport.
  • Photo and video fixation of the reloading process.
  • Customs clearance of transit and export/import cargo.
  • Involvement of independent surveying organisations.

The terminal provides services for reloading bulk, liquid cargo, palletised cargo, cargo in bag containers, big bags, cargo in containers and others.

  • Transportation by road in standard trucks up to 20 tons.
  • Transportation in refrigerators.
Shipping is a very important industry worldwide.
For most shipowners and cargo owners, a time charter is a way to get a return on investment.
Our various contacts based on long-term relationships with the owners of various cargoes in the countries of departure and destination (direct contacts with the head offices) allow us to provide proficient services to shipowners.

We confidently note that our company maintains friendly relations with the management of ports and shipping agencies, which ensures that all processes take place efficiently and quickly.

We offer you our services to provide effective and practical solutions to meet your needs. If you are interested in cooperating, please provide information about your fleet with the parameters of the vessels.
Our company values ​​partnership and initiative, in which communication lines are always open.
Agroenergoinvest knows the importance of prompt decisions in a dynamic business. Understanding the most important key indicators of cargo management efficiency, we know how to handle processes to reduce the cost of moving goods, and which option is best for our customers at a given time and circumstances.
With solid experience and extensive connections not only with shipowners but also with sellers in countries of origin and end buyers in final destinations, our team has in-depth knowledge of how to effectively meet the needs of trading and delivery.
Based on the above, we have the opportunity to form competitive prices for basic raw materials - agricultural products, fertilizers, building materials and more. We have the ability to work on a variety of supply bases from machine to ship volumes.
Agroenergoinvest is very committed to ethical standards of high quality and professional performance.
Agroenergoinvest attracts investments that meet your long-term business goals and your risk management standards. We guarantee to provide you with a portfolio of certain growth in times of market uncertainty or instability.
Our company has a high level of experience in various fields. We are pleased to offer them for your consideration:
  • Creation of a commodity trading company. There are opportunities and experience to create a ready-made office with highly professional staff, and positive relations with port terminals and local government. Last year, Ukraine exported more than 46 million tons of agricultural products, and there is a clear trend to increase production capacity in the coming years. Traditionally, goods are exported to the Middle East, and over the past few years, Ukraine has expanded its trade to the EU, and Asian markets such as Indonesia, India, China, the Philippines, and South Korea.
  • Formation of an investment project of a land bank for the sale of land in the future or its use for production purposes. The sale of arable land is permitted by the Government of Ukraine. Investing in a land bank is very attractive to potential investors.
  • Investing in local railway and port logistics infrastructure or building internal silos and port terminals. Ukraine is an agrarian country, and the export of all kinds of goods plays an important role in the economy as a whole. Investing in local logistics is always a profitable opportunity for investors.
  • Consulting services (legal, financial and technical analysis) to investors in any field of business in Ukraine and assistance in the acquisition of public facilities subject to privatization. Due to the unstable economic situation, determined by various factors, the country periodically puts up for sale a number of government facilities. This is definitely a good investment opportunity for big players to buy fairly cheap and large facilities.
Ukraine, Zakarpatska Oblast, Uzhgorod area, Chop city, Chop railway station, inland terminal.
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